Feeling convicted

Nick and I watched “Forks Over Knives” on Saturday night and immediately when it was over, we both looked at each other and said, “We need to make a serious change.” Talk about a convicting movie! If you haven’t seen it, the basic premise is to show how much harm we are doing to our bodies by eating meat, dairy and excess amounts of refined sugar. They show how eating a whole food, plant-based diet can reverse the effects that those things have already done to your body. Nick is already allergic to milk, and we made the switch to soy milk a couple of years ago, but we still ate plenty of cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Also, I’ve always had a major sweet tooth, so there is always something sweet just hiding in the freezer or cupboard.  I think we threw away two trash bags of major junk food and donated two bags of food (non-junk) to our local food shelter.

It’s going to be an ongoing process for us. We’ve always chosen organic over conventional and grass-fed over corn-fed, but now it’s going to be interesting to choose vegetables over meat. Now, I should clarify and say that we’re not giving meat or dairy up entirely, but we’re shooting for 90-95% of the time.  And as for sugar? Well, I’m a baker, so I can’t give it up forever, but definitely sweets will not be a daily, or even weekly, part of my diet.

Here goes nothing…


Let's hear it!

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