Three Days Later

So its been three days now of trying to eat a plant based whole foods diet.  I have to say it hasn’t been too terribly difficult but my body has been experiencing some detox.  Its rather amazing how it will accommodate itself to whatever you’re putting in.  God seriously made us amazing creatures.  Yesterday actually went very well after I had the realization that with eating what we’re eating now its actually a good thing to be eating more often during the day.  The first two days I think I was giving myself far too few calories and as such I was having headaches pop up and body aches, but they’d tend to go away after eating a bit of food.  I’ve also got to be drinking even more water than before.

The only other major side effect is that my jaw hurts because I’ve also taken to chewing my food much better, which is helping to feel more full because our meals are taking at least twice as long as they used to. 

So far so good folks.  🙂