Time to link up with Lauren again!

1. I’m almost done with week 5 of my running program. This morning I got up and ran 10 whole minutes without stopping! I was pretty proud of myself.

2. I’ve gotten up at 5:30 two mornings this week to run. That is some serious dedication on my part as I HATE getting up early. I’m a girl who needs a lot of beauty sleep!

3. Nick and I joined a CSA! We got our first box of veggies this week and it had lots of yummy things to eat! We spent a good amount of time last night getting every prepared so we could just grab it from the fridge and enjoy! It runs until the end of October, so we’re excited to try new things.

4. We met up with some friends for dinner last night that we hadn’t been able to connect with in quite some time. What a wonderful time! Not only was it great to see them and catch up again, it was great to enjoy some delicious food!

5. I went thrifting with my Lil Sis yesterday and found some fun deals including a Strawberry Shortcake vintage tee! LOVE IT!


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


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