Happy Friday! As always, we’re linking up with Lauren today.

1. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 on our run days. Me. Getting up at 5:30. I deserve a medal. Or a nap.

2. Week one of our CSA was a success! We ate everything in our box (well, except for a small bunch of chives) and were pretty excited to find ways to eat everything. We get a pickup every week, so we’ve already started planning yummy ways to enjoy this weeks box!

3. I’m in the process of growing out my hair. I’ve been working on it for almost 2 years and it’s totally annoying. However, I work for a salon, so it’s nice to have a stylist keep me motivated and looking (mostly) good in the awkward stages. This week, though, I’ve actually felt pretty good about it. I almost chopped it off a week ago, but my stylist stopped me. I’m hanging in there!

4. Got to hang out with my “niece” and “nephews” yesterday and it was super fun! We went for Frozen Yogurt, played Mario Kart and watched “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”. It just shows how much I love them for sitting through that movie. Oh, brother. Snooze fest.

5. Basil (our dachshund) has had several play dates with his “aunt” this week (my mom & dad’s dog). He really, really likes her and wants to play all the time, but I think she just tolerates him. At least they can be in the same place and not freak out! Aren’t they so cute?!

Enjoy your weekend!!