Sometimes its just difficult going through a change…

So we’re human, we find change hard to deal with.  Personally I’ve been enjoying the cross over into being a vegan.  I’ve felt healthy, and I really don’t miss any food.  There are times when walking by a grilling burger or something like that where I’ll get a little bit of a craving, but when I think about the benefits to my body it subsides fairly quickly.  That all being said the food at home really was/is the easy part.  The rest of the change has been hard on us.  We were major foodies going into this change and not being able to go enjoy as many restaurants is tough at times.  There are certain friends where that was really our thing to just go out and enjoy food.  Oh I know we’ll work through that and find new places and new things to try, but it does make things not quite as simple.  Another example was this weekend at a friends wedding, they had some great looking food, unfortunately for us, pretty much the only thing we could eat was the bread.  Its kind of disappointing to not be able to fully celebrate with others.  Welcome to my sister-in-law’s celiac world I just keep telling myself. 

Anyway the hardest change really has been coming to grips with how we relate to each other at times.  God has created us all uniquely and that can be tough folks.  One person’s body will react in a completely different way than another.  That just puts pressure on us to be happy with ourselves and to accept both ourselves and others as the people that God wanted us to be.  I need to be constantly reminded of that both for myself and to affect the way that I talk to Jacks and people around me. 

This vegan lifestyle has been good for us both, I think we’re really reaping the health benefits, but change can be a slow process and it would always be nice if change had the same time frame for all parties involved.