It’s Friday again!

1. I recently discovered the best Starbucks drink ever. Even Nick will drink it, and he’s much more of a tea man!












2. Nick and I went to a wedding last weekend for a couple that we mentored through church. What an honor to celebrate with them! I have to say, Nick and I clean up pretty good when we need to! 🙂












3. Note to self: beware when Lil Sis decides to take pictures.










4. I found athletic shorts with pockets!! You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a pair of women’s shorts with pockets. Honestly. I need a place for my iPod, people! Finally found some. Thank you, Adidas!

5. It’s the weekend and I Nick and I have NO PLANS. I’m happy about that! Although, it could easily go one of two ways… 1. We do lot of fun things and have a great time! 2. We can’t decide what to do with all of our time and end up fighting about it. I’m voting for #1!


Have a great weekend!


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