It’s Friday, people! As usual I’m linking up with Lauren today!

1. I ran 20 minutes this morning. Without stopping. In the blazing heat (at 5:30AM!). I think I deserve a cupcake.

2. My mom and Lil Sis are taking a trip to Europe for a month, starting tomorrow, so Nick and I are taking them to O’Hare for their flight. Can’t wait to sneak in a few new foodie places to try and a little shopping, too!

3. I took Basil to the vet on Wednesday and he’s got a clean bill of health. Yay! (The bummer? The $200 bill. Ugh.)

4. I took my “niece” and “nephew” to see “Dolphin Tale” at the free kid’s movie yesterday morning. They had fun, I had fun. It was a great time to spend with them.

5. Went to Target (where else?) with Lil Sis yesterday and scored a sweet new pair of kicks for $10. And I was able to score a Joe Mauer framed thing-y for Nick that he’d been eying for half off. Love it!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to enjoy a cupcake (or two!) for you. 😉




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  1. Hiya, found your through the H54F linkup! First– congrats on your morning run. & ya gotta love a good Target find 🙂 Pleeease do enjoy a cupcake for me, I’m going through a sugar detox right now… ugh! Have a great weekend!


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