4th of July Vegan Style

So today has been a great day so far. 

I’ve got to tell you that the whole eating a vegan lifestyle thing really isn’t that difficult when being done at home.  It still tough going out though.  And I’ll say this much its definitely healthier than our old way of eating, but Jacks still manages to find plenty of ways to still bake treats.  We’ve been finishing off some lemon cupcakes that we made using a sprinkles cupcake mix.  They can totally be made vegan people, just some earth balance, coconut oil and nut milk and you’re good to go.

Today we had a full spread at lunch including vegan hot dogs, some potato chips with a homemade french onion dip, sauteed broccoli and peas, and finished off with fresh grilled peaches.  It was rather delicious. 

We’re trying to figure out what to do for dinner.  We’re supposed to be off to a baseball game with some fireworks though I’ve got to tell you that I’m not super excited given the 100 degree temps.  I was looking at trying a soup potentially to use up some beats and carrots that we’ve but but it just doesn’t seem to be soup weather.  We’ll figure it out and probably go with some peanuts or something like that as a treat at the ball game.

Funny note that came to mind based on the day being the most American of days.  We were at Whole Foods the other day and it was clear by what we had that we were vegan.  We had a frozen pie crust on the line and the checker asked us “what kind of pie does a vegan make?”  Seriously how funny is that, we’re like any type of pie we made before, but seriously we told her we were going to make apple pie.  It was really quite a hoot.

Hope you’re all enjoying the 4th whomever might be reading this.  We’ve had a lot of great people die for our country and the freedom that we enjoy.  I’m really thankful for all of them and for God for blessing us with this great country that we live in.