Major bummer

Remember those cupcakes I was supposed to enjoy for you? Yeah, I didn’t get to Sprinkles after all. We got mom & Lil Sis to the airport and then hit up Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s while we had the chance. We don’t have any super close by, so we like to stock up. So we did that, had a lovely dinner and were getting ready to set the course for home. What do we find? A flat tire. BUMMER. After much debate, calling all kinds of after-hours towing companies, and coordinating care for Basil with my dad, we decided just to get a hotel and head home the next morning. I’ve never stayed in a hotel without it being planned. We had no change of clothes, NOTHING. Needless to say, I hope that’s something we won’t have to repeat. We got up the next morning, Nick put on the donut, and we headed towards the nearest Firestone for a new tire. Ugh. It was not the best weekend ever, but hey. It could have been worse.


Well, I guess I should confess that I did in fact have Sprinkles cupcakes this weekend, but of the homemade variety. (Sprinkles mixes are pretty darn good!) They turned out well (as Nick mentioned already), but they just weren’t the same as a freshly baked vegan red velvet. I could have cried that we didn’t get one. They are THAT good.


Tomorrow Nick heads back to work after a few days off, and so I think I’m going to bake an apple pie. What’s more American than that, right?


Happy 4th of July! I’m proud to be an American!