So today we got to pick up our weekly crop share from Grinnell Heritage Farm.  I know we could have totally participated in a CSA prior to becoming vegan, however I don’t think we would have enjoyed it near as much.  I mean seriously I look forward to it, it makes me really happy and excited to see what the week will bring.  Its been such wonderful food.  This week we’ve got chard, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, garlic, onions and carrots.  And the best part is we’ve been using it all up.  Its taught us not to be wasteful and use what’s in season.  Its really amazing how much better food tastes if its local and picked when its supposed to.

I feel I must come clean as well, all our forays have not been successful.  I tried to make kale chips last week and it was an utter failure.  I think I probably cooked them too long.  They had some pretty good flavor but horrible aftertaste.  Oh well we’ll try again or move onto a completely new recipe.

Have a great Thursday peeps.