A morning of wonderful goodies

Today was a great day.  I got up at the usual time of about 5:30 and did my daily Bible study devotional and feeding the dog.  Then I took off and replaced a geocache that was broken from earlier in the week all to come home to Jacks being ready to go to the farmers market in Iowa City.  I love that farmers market.  There is so much organic produce there and the market hasn’t been taken over by people with crafts.  We got a good bounty this morning people.  Fresh Organic sweet corn that was local, and some organic green beans.  After that we hit up the co-op for the rest of the staples we needed to round out our recipes that is featuring the produce from our CSA.  After that was when the real goodies started though.

Last night we did a search to find vegan breakfast in Iowa City and we came across Fair Grounds Coffee House.  Let me tell you this place was a gem.  Jackie and I will most certainly be back.  I started off with an iced espresso chai latte to drink using their homemade chai syrup.  It was heavenly.  For breakfast I had a burrito that was gigantic and Jacks had Bananas Foster French Toast.  We shared both and brought some of the burrito back.  It was amazing.  I never knew about tofu scrambles instead of eggs before and I have to tell you it was perfect.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito by njburgart
Vegan Bananas Foster French Toast by njburgart

After all that goodness we just had to buy two muffins to take with us and try later.  A chocolate chip pecan muffin that we sampled and was very good, and also a blueberry orange muffin that we’ll be trying in the morning.

We finished the morning off heading over to check out the new Costco.  We totally ended up getting a membership.  There’s lots of great organic bulk options as well as nut butters and other things.  I gotta tell you it was a great morning and looking forward to many more like it.