Are you really a morning person if you have to take a nap every afternoon on days that you get up early? I didn’t think so, either. I’m not convinced I’m a morning person yet. Although, today I was unable to take nap. Between the barking dogs in the neighborhood and Basil clicking his nails up and down the hallway 500 times, I didn’t get much napping done. Normally I would grab a Cherry Coke Zero without another thought to get the through the day, but I really hate what happens when I stop drinking caffeine. The headaches. Ugh.


In other news, we tried a little vegan experiment yesterday. We bought a yellow cake mix (no animal ingredients, of course) and mixed it with 12 ounces of Sierra Mist Natural (no HFCS!). Folded in some fresh raspberries and baked them up. When they were cool we topped them with a Sprinkles lemon buttercream that we “veganized”. They turned out delicious! They were super light and airy with just the right texture. Totally going to try all kind of combinations now! Definitely great for when you need a quick treat or something to take somewhere that everyone will love. I’m thinking red velvet cake mix with Mexican Coke next time. Mmmm!


Enjoy the rest of your Monday!