Cooking Class for two… ok well it was more like 21

So last night Jackie and I went to our favorite local co-op New Pioneer for a cooking class on making a plant based feast.  Let me tell you it was a fantastic feast indeed.  We’ll definitely be making a lot of the food we learned about.  We got to learn how to make and sample the following things: a cold cucumber soup, a tomato and basil salad, some seared greens, polenta with a ragout and finished off with a raspberry chocolate mousse.  Wow is all I have to say.

My favorite of the night was probably the tomato  and basil salad.  It had a vinegrette of soy sauce with some ume plum vinegar and grapeseed oil.  Its hard to describe but it just played really nicely on the tongue.  (See I can still manage to have foodie sounding things even with a vegan lifestyle.)

Tonight we had Jacks’ dad over for dinner and made up a really nice tossed salad along with a fresh corn chowder courtesy of the same cookbook she got the cookie recipe out of.  It was simply amazing.  I had seconds of both, and seconds of the cookies.  I’m kind of hurting right now, but hey it was still super awesome.

On a completely different note, I had some thoughts earlier today and I think I’m going to use the blog to write some book and movie reviews as well.  Probably mostly stick to the books just because I want to keep track of what I’ve been reading to some extent.  I think you’re all going to find out that 80% of what I read is young adult fiction.  🙂  Who cares I say, its good stuff.