Oh Saturday how I had missed thee!

So today has been another really good day.  Most of it having to do with not being at work.  Seriously it was one of those weeks where I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Anyway it was over and Jacks and I have been having a great time of it.

We got up first thing and went to the Farmers Market and then hit up our Co-Op and Fair Grounds coffee again this morning.  Today we both tried some vegan waffles, banana bread for me, Arizona for Jackie.  We also had a fresh chocolate chip coconut muffin which was awesome.  I must say I’m loving that place and we’ll just keep going back and back.  We also made a full morning of it and hit up Costco, the mall and Hy-Vee for a missed item on our way home.

Right as we were getting home it started to rain.  The Lord knows we need rain so its been an answered prayer.  Right before its supposed to be back up near 100 again this week.

Not to have the day end there, we made up some lunch which was a wonderful bowl of pasta with some garlic bread, watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and Jacks was off for a nap.  I used the time to watch Act of Valor.  I really enjoyed the movie.  It seemed more real life than many of the action movies you’ll see but being that it was so real and based on a true story it also really tugged at the heart strings.  I’m so happy and blessed for those people that serve us to give us the freedoms that we have.

Lets see, still going… I finally mowed today.  I haven’t mowed since Memorial Day.  This has got to be one of the craziest years for weather and weather related things that I can remember.

All that being said I think I’ll move on to a second post to give a quick book review.  🙂