Laid back weekend

Jacks and I have been having a great weekend.  Friday night we went to Iowa City and hit up the Trumpet Blossom Cafe.  Its a totally great vegan restaurant and its such a pleasure to be able to go somewhere and just look at the menu and order without having to specify any changes or be worried that what should be vegan isn’t going to be.  Jackie had a Veggie Burger and Fries, I had a Mediterranean plate that was full of a sort of babaganoush, a green garlic hummus, and a tomato cucumber salad, and some micro-greens with caramelized onions, served with pita bread of course.  Both entrees were really delicious and we finished it off with a blackberry and chocolate tart.  Yum.  We picked up some last minute ingredients for the week’s menu while we were down there.  I have to say shopping at 7:30 on a Friday night is much nicer in the store than at 9 am on Saturday.  Far less people right up in your business.

We watched two movies this weekend and enjoyed both of them.  The first one was Friends with Kids, it was a good humor filled story about this couple who decides to have a kid together without being married or really in love.  The movie definitely is not one for kids, and its got quite a bit of crude humor, but Jackie and I did enjoy it.  We also watched Wanderlust.  While Wanderlust had some incredibly funny moments, its really not a movie I’d care to see again.  As I said I enjoyed it for the laughter but its definitely all crude humor.  The funny thing about that movie though is Jackie and I get the impression that it depicts how the world sees Vegans.  Just a bunch of crazy people living in a commune and really wishing that they could eat something else.  So totally not the way we feel or act, but I suspect that doesn’t matter.

Yesterday we started the day out picking up Jackie’s dad and heading out to go for our run and do some fishing at a cool little park here.  I was excited that I didn’t get skunked fishing.  It was a nice morning to be outside as it wasn’t so darn hot.  After that we hung out at the house, watched one of the movies, we did some errands around town.  Had to get some new shorts for the 5K that would be cooler as we expect to run in some heat.  Jackie also got a pouch for her ipod nike sensor that will go on her shoes.  We also bought a new game that we played.  Ticket to Ride the card game.  Totally fun, I can’t wait to play with Jamie and Mel.

We finished off the evening basically with dinner.  We made veggie sushi rolls that were pretty awesome.  Recipe and pictures to follow.  All I have to say is that it was a really nice change up to a stir fry in getting to use a lot of the veggies that we have on hand.

Anyway enough boring you all with what’s going on.