Wahoo! It’s Friday!! I’m linking up with Lauren, as usual.

1. I made my own “pepperoni”! It actually ended up tasting more like Italian sausage, in my opinion, when baked on our pizza. But either way it was a fun, new treat to add atop our pizza. We were the epitome of irony with our pizza, though. I made a Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free pizza crust and then laughed when I added the “pepperoni” because it was made from vital wheat gluten. Ha!

2. My mom and sister made it home! Yay! I haven’t seen or talked to them yet, but they’re home safe and sound! It sounds like they had an awesome trip, for sure.

3. I went to the “Big Idea Meeting” at church yesterday to get some more info on Sunday sermons and such so we could find some scripts to work with them. It was fun to be a part of the planning committee. Looks like we have lots of opportunities coming up!

4. Project Runway started last week! I didn’t get to watch the first episode until the weekend, so that’s why it’s high five for this week. I’m pretty excited about all the drama this season!

5. We found THE perfect gift for Nick’s brother and his fiance. They’re not getting married until February, but we saw it and knew it was perfect. Besides, I like to plan ahead!

Have a great weekend! We’re off to run our 5K tomorrow morning! Here goes nothing – we’ll see if all that training paid off.  🙂