Happy Friday, y’all! I’m linking up with Lauren for this week’s top five.

1. If you didn’t know already, we ran our 5k last Saturday morning. And I ran the ENTIRE THING without stopping! I know that might not seem very impressive to anyone but me, but hey! I was proud of myself for not stopping. And believe me, I wanted to stop and take a nap.

2. I made some killer dessert bars this week. I’ll have to post the recipe for you. It was a bit labor intensive because I had to make my own sweetened condensed milk, but it was totally worth it. And they were gluten free to boot! Score!

3. My BFF’s little boy had to stay overnight at the hospital this week because he had gotten too dehydrated from an illness over the weekend. I watched their one year yesterday afternoon, and let me tell you. I love that girl, but she is crazy! 🙂 She has the attention span of a gnat. We did LOTS of different things. But it was fun to play with her and help my BFF out. That’s what friends are for!

4. Have you been watching the Olympics? LOVE THEM! I feel so patriotic and watching every race, dive, routine, etc, makes me so stressed out! But I love it. Nick and I loved watching synchronized diving the other night. That is crazy insane what they can do.

5. I ate eggplant. And liked it. This is huge people. HUGE.


Have a great weekend! I’m off for a girl’s shopping weekend!