It’s Friday, y’all! Time to link up with Lauren.


1. Nick and I went geocaching last weekend and found 10 in about an hour or so! We also picked up a trackable that wanted to have it’s picture taken with a cup of coffee. Of course we were happy to oblige. 🙂

We love Starbucks!
















2. My BFF and I signed up for the Color Run in Des Moines. I think it’s going to be super fun! The only problem? She’s a WAY better runner than me! But it sounds like we’re doing it more for fun than getting a specific time, so I should be good! It’ll be a fun, little mini-girls weekend away. And since we ARE running a 5k, that means we can eat more, right?!


3. Went to Panera the other night for dinner and discovered their Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (sans feta, of course) and Classic Salad. Hello, delicious!


4. Nick had his blood levels ran for our wellness program through his company. They were the best numbers he’s ever had! I don’t have my physical until April, but I hope they’re as good as his! So proud of him! Go, veganism!


5. Lil Sis and I went to see “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. OMG. Such a sweet movie! Besides, I pretty much love everything with Jennifer Garner. (We’ll forgive her for “Elektra”) I totally recommend it. (be sure to bring a Kleenex)


Have a great weekend! We have a pretty free weekend so I’m excited to see what we’ll end up doing!


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    1. Isn’t geocaching fun? We went out for a few hours this morning and grabbed 14 park and grabs! It was great fun. You never know what you’re going to find!

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