It’s Friday again! It seems like it’s taken a lot longer to get to Friday this week, but it’s finally here! I’m linking up with Lauren, as always!

1. Nick is now on vacation! Weee! He doesn’t have to go back until the 5th! I still have to work, but my job is a lot less demanding of time and energy than his. He deserves the break!

2. Have I told you about my love for Costco? Well, I do. Love it. It’s wonderful! We used to belong to Sam’s Club, but it pales in comparison! Maybe Costco is still new and shiny to me, but every time we go, I can’t wait to see what they have! This weeks find? A 24 pack of Izze cans for $10.24! Weee!

3. It’s honeycrisp apple time! We bought a big ‘ol bag at the the co-op and they taste AMAZING. I was just happy the orchard was able to have apples this year with the crazy spring frost.

4. I love Tupperware. Well, let me clarify. Retro Tupperware. Not the new stuff. It’s fine, but it’s not as fun. I scored a bright orange pitcher – with the lid!! – for $1.38 at Goodwill. Major score right there.

5. I cleaned out my closet and dresser last week and it seems as though I have nothing left. While that’s obviously not true, it felt REALLY good to get rid of the stuff that didn’t fit anymore (some things were too big, others just didn’t fit right. Know what I mean?) and start with the fresh slate for fall. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to find new things! I’m quite picky anymore, though. I used to buy all kinds of stuff if I thought it was cute and on sale. Then I found I didn’t wear it but a few times, so what was the point? I’d rather spend a little more on quality pieces and less quantity of pieces.

Have a wonderful weekend!