Its Friday, and I’m on a mini-vacation with Nick! I’m linking up with Lauren as usual.

1. As mentioned above, we’re on a mini-vacay. We took a few days to get out of town and are having lots of fun!

2. We went to a Minnesota Twins game yesterday. It was hot, and I got a sunburn (just on the tops of my knees!), but it was super fun to be at the ballpark!

3. While at the game, we enjoyed a Minneapple Pie. Deep-fried apple pie goodness. AND IT WAS VEGAN. Rock’n!!

4. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Nick discovered that a cupcake place had opened in the Mall of America. So naturally we had to check it out. We enjoyed a vegan chocolate cupcake. Not quite as good as Sprinkles (I’m biased) but it was delicious!

5. Today we are going to head to Uptown for thrifting and vegan pizza. Oh, yeah.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!



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