Wahoo! It’s Friday! This week flew by! I hope that doesn’t mean that next week is going to drag on and on… Oh, well. One thing at a time. I’m linking up with Lauren, just like always!

1. I made Vegan Bourbon Banana Bread. Have you made it yet?? What are you waiting for?! It’s awesome!!

2. Nick made the aforementioned banana bread into french toast. OH YES WE DID.

3. I was finally able to run outside today! The pollen count has been absolutely nasty around these parts (die ragweed, die!) and so I was able about to sneak in a run this morning. I didn’t get up with Nick at the crack of dawn, but it was still pretty darn cool and wonderful outside when I went out about 8:45. AND I was able to go farther than I do on a treadmill at the gym. Treadmills are BEYOND boring. Seriously.

4. We made ratatouille and it was actually delicious this time! The recipe is definitely a keeper. We served ours with cous cous and it made a great, healthy lunch. Makes me want to watch the movie again!

And we liked it!

















(Top: before baking, Bottom: after baking)


5. Our small group started meeting again. Yay! We took the summer off due to an illness with one of our members, but she’s finally on the upswing and feeling good! It was great to get back together and share life again.

Have a great weekend!