Sick day

Unfortunately, I live in a land filled with ragweed in the fall. And my body DOES NOT LIKE IT. It’s been absolutely gorgeous for about the past week and we had to have the house closed up and the a/c on just so I can breathe. I was doing really well with not having a ton of symptoms because I’m incredibly nuts about taking my allergy meds and staying inside most of the time. But Saturday night, I got caught up in the beauty of the evening and spent way too much time outside. And now I’m royally paying for it. Yesterday started off rough, but got better, and then went downhill fast after dinner. I took Benadryl and was in bed by 7pm. I didn’t get out of bed until 9am. And now I have this awesome cough, too! Seriously. I don’t know why I act surprised. This happens EVERY year and EVERY year I think I’m going to get by without having a major episode. I’m going to make the most of my sick day today and focus on being able to breathe!!

In other news, Nick is on a business trip this week and made it safe and sound to his destination. He’s a little jet lagged, but it sounds like he had a delicious vegan meal already, so I’m excited to talk to him when he gets a chance to call.

Here’s to breathing! Enjoy your Monday!