It’s Friday! Time for High five for Friday! I’m linking up with Lauren as usual.

1. Lil Sis and I made Starbuck’s Copycat Scones and they were DELICIOUS. Seriously. I can’t wait to make them again. So yummy!
Starbucks Copycat Scones

2. It finally feels like Autumn around here! Don’t get me wrong, I LOATHE winter, and I don’t want it to come any faster, but I do love Autumn. The leaves are changing color, I can wear sweaters again, and I always feel like having a mug of hot cider. Ahhhh.

3.  It was a blue skinnies and leopard print shoe kind of day last week. I was feeling spunky.

4. Nick surprised me by taking yesterday afternoon off and all day today! It’s always fun having him home!

5. It was so nice Wednesday afternoon that I was able to work on my bible study homework outside.

Have a great week, everyone! We’re headed to an ISU football game tomorrow. Go State!


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