Sunday Sips: Supper Club by Old Capital Brewery

Man, its been a challenging week.  The first part of the week brought about a change of responsibility at work, so I’m now managing a new team.  I’ve got to tell you its been more than I bargained for.  Not that I really bargained for it, but anyway.  Yesterday was pretty awesome, Jackie was out of town doing the color run in Des Moines so I got to be a bachelor for the weekend.  I went in to work for a few hours to catch things up but afterward I got to go play golf with a good friend/coworker.  It was super cold and I’m terrible but I have to tell you that I had a great time.
Today has been a day of church followed by mega amounts of yard work.  I’m happy though the yard looks awesome and things are all ready for Jacks to get home.  I’ve got the Vikings game spooling up on the DVR so I’m ready to go with a nice brew.  I’ve got a beer that I had no idea what type it even was.

Supper Club by Old Capital Brewery out of Madison, Wisconsin.

Supper Club

Its a light pilsner style ale that is incredibly smooth.  I could seriously drink this pretty much any time.  It complemented some homemade chili cheese fries perfectly.  It had a good amount of head that hung around for awhile, a really crisp flavor that wasn’t overpowering from any of the flavors.  I’d say it was very low on the hoppy scale which is probably why I found it so drinkable.  I have to say I am starting to get used to hops though.  Just given my overall feelings for it, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.  I really did enjoy it a lot.  And to think Jacks had to pretty much talk me into getting it.
Have a great week.  I’ll be posting about a soup I made today sometime later in the week too.  Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Apple curry soup.  May sound odd, but it was great.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Supper Club by Old Capital Brewery

  1. A good beer after a day in the yard is a thing of beauty, I completely agree. I don’t love pilsners, and I’m a big hop-guy, but especially after working up a hard sweat, there’s not much like a cold, drinkable beer. Thanks for letting me know about one more.

    1. Yeah, I never really was a fan of pilsners when I started drinking beers, but they’ve grown on me. Likely because as I’ve gone on work travel to Brazil and Italy its one of the only things on tap. I really do prefer draft beer, but I do have to say I’m starting to have the hops grow on me, so I certainly plan on trying some of the ones you’ve recommended as well. Thanks for reading.

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