Gluten free review: Biaggi’s Italian Restaurant

Last Friday Lil Sis and I spent the day together. We were on the search for ramekins. (it’s a long story) Well, in the middle of all of our searching, we decided we needed to eat lunch. And we wanted to eat before everyone else got their lunch break! I had heard from a client at work that Biaggi’s had quite an extensive gluten free menu that was just more than steak and/or a salad without croutons. We arrived about 11:00 and were seated quickly. (note: make sure to mention you need a gf menu before being seated – it’s separate, not part of their regular menu)

Our server came to the table quickly and brought a basket of bread. I knew myself too well and told him that he could take the bread basket. I knew that I could have demolished it on my own! He quickly noticed that we had gluten free menus and asked if we’d like the gluten free bread. Umm…YES! He did mention it would take about 10 minutes, but we didn’t mind. Also, they like to mix Parmesan cheese with olive oil at the table to eat with your bread. I had him sprinkle cheese only on Lil Sis’ half so I could do without the cheese. He didn’t blink an eye.

We ordered drinks first. I had the Pesco Fresco. Here is the description from their website: “Finest Call Peach Purée, lemonade and fresh-brewed iced tea.” YUM. It was refreshing without being overly sweet. I’d order it again. It was $3.29. Lil Sis had the Blood Orange Spritzer. “Orange juice, Monin Blood Orange and lemon-lime soda.” It was very orange-y, but not overpowering. Quite refreshing! It was also $3.29. Below is a picture of my drink, the Pesco Fresco, and the gluten free bread they brought out. The bread had a fry bread type of texture, and it seemed to be the same as what they used for their pizza crust, but it had a nice texture and didn’t taste to “gluten free” if you know what I mean.

Gluten free bread!

Finally, we ordered entrees. Lil Sis was so excited about the Mediterranean Pizza! Here’s the official description: “Red and green peppers, onion, mushrooms, black olives, garlic-herb Montchevré goat cheese and our Italian cheese blend.” It looked AMAZING. I didn’t taste it, of course, but she said it had a very good flavor and that the crust wasn’t too thick. It was just the right amount of everything. She said that the goat cheese was the perfect amount and gave it a nice, tangy flavor. She was only able to eat a few pieces, and so she took the rest home for later. She said she would definitely order it again, or try another flavor the next time. It was $10.99.

Gluten free pizza
(sorry the picture is a bit blurry. Lil Sis isn’t the best with my iPhone yet! 🙂 )

There aren’t a lot of options as a vegan, but I easily found something for lunch. I ordered the Pasta Marinara with gf pasta with no cheese. “Gluten-free pasta with a simple, fresh marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil.” I knew I didn’t want just pasta, so I did the “Half & Half” with a lunch portion of Pasta Marinara and a lunch portion of the House Salad. “Mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers and roasted red peppers tossed in our herb-garlic balsamic dressing.” The pasta was super tasty! The sauce had just a little kick to it, which I like, and the basil really brought the whole thing home. The pasta was also spinach spaghetti, I believe. It was green! The salad was also quite good. I liked the combination of flavors and textures. It was also just the right amount of both dishes. I ate both and felt content. Not too full, just right. I would definitely order it again. It was $8.99.

Gluten free spaghetti & house salad

Our server was super helpful and made sure everything was as we ordered it. Biaggi’s as a whole has a fancier feel to it than Olive Garden, but we just wore jeans at lunch and didn’t feel under-dressed. I’d definitely try to look a little nicer if you were going to dinner. If you’re looking for a new place to try and you are looking for gluten free options, I highly recommend Biaggi’s! As Lil Sis said, “It’s always good to have options.”

And in case you’re wondering, we found the ramekins. In fact, we had too many options. But we finally found the ones that were just right.