H54F (High Five for Friday)

Happy Friday! While some parts of this week flew by, other parts seemed to take FOREVER. But either way, it’s Friday! Yay! I’m linking up with Lauren, as usual.

1. THE COLOR RUN! Mel and I had SUCH a good time. In fact, we had so much fun, that we want to do it again! It has seriously ruined all other 5k’s for me. They just aren’t as fun as the Color Run! I highly recommend doing one. 🙂

We did it!

2. Mel and I stayed overnight after the race and had some time to go shopping. We found some GREAT deals. She’s such a fun shopping buddy! We are always on the lookout for sweet deals. And we found some this trip!

3. When I got home on Sunday night, Nick had a surprise waiting for me. He had surprised me with a cute pair of gray skinnies, a plum-colored sweater and sparkly TOMS! What a guy. (I’m wearing the shoes and sweater in the pic below)

New sparkly TOMS

4. Lil Sis got an unexpected job offer (in her field!) while waiting for her other job’s orientation. Awesome! So excited and proud of her.

5. I surprised Basil with a toy and he was just so excited about that he had to immediately destroy it! Nick said it looked like there had been an owl murder. Lol!

There has been a murder here

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “H54F (High Five for Friday)

  1. Hahaha why do they always immediately destroy every toy?! My husband always tries to stop me from buying stuffed animals because they’re “not worth it” for that reason, but I think that 2 minutes of complete joy is totally worth it! Have a great weekend!

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