Sunday Sips: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale by Boulevard Brewery

This week I’m featuring another beer that Jackie found for me.  We were grocery shopping last week at our Co-op and they had a few singles out for purchase.  This one looked rather interesting and she was like how about this one.  I said sure and that was that.  🙂

Tank 7

Tank 7 was a wonderful, slightly complex beer that I really enjoyed drinking.  It went very well with a batch of roasted vegetables as well.  Its a 8.0% ABV Belgian style ale, that poured really nice and gave this wonderful head that stuck around for a good while.  The beer had a nice fruity aroma without tasting terribly fruity.  It was crisp and entirely drinkable and get this it was a hoppy beer.  My taste buds must be changing as I grow up.  The hops in this beer while prominent give of a bitterness that’s more reminiscent of grapefruit than anything else I can describe.  I really enjoyed it and I’d suggest it for anyone looking for something that’s hoppy but short of hitting the IPA mark.  Given that I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 as my horribly unscientific beer ratings go.  🙂

I also must point out the goblet, I have become a beer snob in the fact that I finally understand the importance of the glasses.  You really need the right type of glass for the beer and this beer requires a goblet.  You won’t get the full taste of it if you’re not drinking it out of the right glass.  This goblet is also fun because its an homage to Jackie’s college, which I find fun.

I’m really thinking I’m going to have to give an IPA a go now.  Who knows where that will take me.  See you all again next week.