High Five for Friday

Wahoo! It’s Friday! This week has been LONG in some ways and super SHORT in others! Oh, well. Such is life. But it’s Friday! Yay! I’m linking up with Lauren, like always!

1. I had sketch at church on Sunday morning, and it went really well! We got lots of laughs and it really fit with Pastor Bob’s message. Yay!

2. It got really warm this week. I mean, really, unseasonably warm. It was 80 degrees on Wednesday! And it was SO humid. Ugh. But it was nice to have a few warm days to open the house, get some fresh air, and take the puppers for more walks than usual. He likes being outside. 🙂

3. I got a great book from the library. Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats. Everything looks super tasty! I can’t wait to get together with Lil Sis and start trying some new recipes that we BOTH can eat!

4. We were adults on Wednesday afternoon and finally signed the papers to refinance our house. Granted, we were adults before as we had already bought the house 7 1/2 years ago, but it felt really adult-ish to refinance! My hand was a little sore afterwards from signing my name so many times, but the monthly payment and 15 years are TOTALLY worth it!

5. Yesterday I felt a little gross in the afternoon. But thankfully, a day of resting and taking it easy cured me right up! Looking forward to date night tonight! We had to postpone from last night, but that’s all good. I think we’re going to the Trumpet Blossom Cafe and because it’s Friday, we can get onion rings tonight! They are SOOOO good!

Have a fantastic weekend! Doing anything fun? We have a quiet weekend – and I’m glad for that!