Vegan in the Cities: Day One

A few months ago, Nick and I headed up to the Twin Cities for a long weekend. Nick had gotten us tickets to see a Twins game, and so we just extended our trip a few days to enjoy a long weekend away. We did some research before going to find the best vegan spots around. There were A LOT to choose from! We were pretty excited to go and eat all weekend long! 🙂

The first stop on our trip was the aforementioned Twins game. (which was a noon game that day) Now, eating at a ballpark can be tricky for a vegan, but thanks to our awesome research skills (and Twitter!), we were excited to see there were options. CRAZY AWESOME OPTIONS.

You guys. We ordered a Minneapple Pie! We had read online in a few spots that it was “accidentally vegan” and so I took to Twitter to be sure. Their response was great: “‏Proud to say that our pies are vegan. When creating, we wanted everyone to love it! Thank U!”

Well, we all know what happened then.

It was all I could talk about for the few weeks leading up to our trip. How could I not be excited to eat a delicious, deep-fried apple pie?! Seriously! Well, folks, it lived up to ALL of my expectations.

Minneapple Pie pt 1

The crust was super flaky and incredibly tasty. The filling was warm and cinnamon-y, but not to the point of being overpowering. And it was sprinkled, quite generously, with cinnamon sugar. Every bite was better than the last.

Minneapple Pie pt 2

I don’t know it was because it was THAT good, or because I hadn’t eaten anything like that in a long time, but either way, I’m a fan. Nick and I couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was!

Well, after a devastating loss by the Twins, Nick and I headed off downtown a few blocks in search of the Depot Tavern. While the pie was incredibly awesome and tasty, it didn’t quite do the job of filling us up. We needed some real food and a place with some serious a/c! It was a hot one that day!

We quickly ordered drinks: Crispin Hard Cider (on tap!) for me, and an Arrogant Bastard for him. Oh, Crispin Cider, you are wonderfully delicious and refreshing. Good thing I can’t hold my alcohol, or I could be in trouble! 🙂

Drinks & dinner at The Depot Tavern

For the main attraction we ordered the Moshe’s Russet Fries which were Belgian-style and triple cooked. I’m not really sure what Belgian-style means, but whatever it is, it ROCKS. Those fries were (almost) the best I’ve ever had. Nick says they were the best he’s ever had. They were SUPER crispy on the outside and a perfect golden brown. And the inside? Oh, so creamy. And an order was a pound. A POUND.

Vegan full pound of fries!

We knew that we couldn’t live on fries and booze alone, so we ordered some actual food. We finally settled on the Vegan Duck Tacos.

Vegan Mock Duck Tacos

Now, to be honest, I was a little hesitant about these. I like being a vegan, and I enjoy trying new foods. However, I am a HUGE texture person and sometimes the two aren’t very harmonious. I was apprehensive because I thought maybe the “duck” would be weird and squidgy. I was happily surprised to find that wasn’t at all! It had a really nice texture, with a bit of chew (as actual duck would be). It might have been a tad on the sweet side, but nothing that made me think I’d never eat them again. The whole package worked very well together.

After wandering around downtown, securing some aloe vera from THE COOLEST TARGET EVER (Minneapolis is where Target headquarters is located) for my sunburned knees, we decided to hit up the Mall of America. We’ve been there a gazillion times, but it’s always fun to walk around and hit up our favorite stores we don’t have here in Iowa. (like Kiehl’s!)

Well, it’s a good thing we went, and it’s even better think that Nick is super observant because we quickly learned that Cupcake had opened up shop on the third floor! Say what?! Am I the only one who can’t get enough Cupcake Wars?! Well, if you’re out of the loop, this guy won the Grand Champion round. Oh, yeah! Well, of course we had to end our first foodie day with a cupcake. We ordered the Vegan Double Chocolate Delight.

Double Chocolate Vegan Cupcake

Now, I need to admit that I’m a bit of a cupcake snob. I’m totally biased towards Sprinkles Vegan Red Velvet. Have you had that?! OMG. To die for. I’m a firm believer that those babies will be served in heaven. That being said, the Cupcake cupcake was pretty darn good. It had more of a homemade texture to it, and the frosting was silky and thick and not too chocolate-y. It was definitely the best way to end a great day.

Keep an eye out – I’ll be sharing about day two soon!