Sunday Sips: Brazilian Bohemia Beer

Hello all, sorry that it took me longer than usual to get the Sunday sip up here.  I just got back from a business trip to Brazil yesterday and Jackie and I have been pretty much go, go, go since.  Today I’m going to review a beer that I had while in Brazil and as a bonus talk a bit about vegan adventuring in Brazil while on business.
Bohemia Beer

(I apologize for the picture, my blackberry is awful)…  The beer I had most while down there is call Bohemia, its a pale lager similar to your traditional pilsner.  Its got a bit more flavor though not to the level of the beers I generally like, and its very drinkable.  The people I was traveling with certainly put down plenty and can attest to the drinkability.  Its a 5.0% ABV beer, that poured with a clear yellow hue, not much head, and to be honest doesn’t have a whole lot of nose to it.  It smells mildly of grass and cereal tones.  We had some other beer down there Baden Baden that was much better but I didn’t take a picture of that.  That’s also a pilsner but more of a micro brew that is a lot more complex beer.  Brazil just doesn’t have that many beers that I would rave about.  So all in all I’d give it a 2 out of 5, because it is really easy to drink, but other than that it doesn’t offer much of any value.

So onto the other topic of discussion, eating Vegan while in Brazil.  It used to be that I thought this would be an easy endeavor and if I was visiting homes it very well may be, but going out with coworkers its really difficult.  The lunches were easy when going to the cafeteria because I would just load up on the variety of veggies and rice and beans, though there is part of me that wonders if they put a stock in with the beans.  Dinner out at the restaurants was much more of a challenge.  Brazil has adopted vegatarianism pretty wholeheartedly but they put cheese and milk in most everything.  I’d manage to scrape by every night, but it wasn’t always my favorite.  The last day we were there though I had a great meal at a restaurant that we need to get a similar concept here in the US.  It had a build your own pasta bar.  It was great I just pointed at what I wanted which was lots of veggies and no meat or cheese and out came my very own made to order pasta.  YUM.
Brazilian Pasta

Depending on who I go on travel with it may be easier, but in general I’m going to say its a tough go.  I still love the country though because the people are really fantastic.  Besides I don’t have a whole lot of choice, I’ll still be going back with work many times again.