Book Review: The Athena Project by Brad Thor

I seem like a broken record when it comes to my book reviews… This one is a long time coming.  I finished this about 2 weeks ago and haven’t got around to posting my thoughts about it.  Part of that is because we’ve been focused on food, part of it has to do with being in Brazil, part of it is that work has been crazy, but when it comes down to it I’m probably going to blame just being lazy about getting it posted.

So anyway, after I finished my last book, I was just looking to have a novel that I could get into and really just lose myself to a fun action packed adventure.  I hadn’t really heard much about Brad Thor, but Jackie has this great thing at her salon called a book exchange and she just brought this home for me because it looked like something I would read.  Well she was spot on about that.

The Athena Project was a book that is one of those CIA covert operative stories that you know likely happens, but at the same time part of you hopes doesn’t really happen.  After I got started into it I realized its really a spin off of a much larger plot of books.  I would actually liken it to the Mitch Rapp series of books by Vince Flynn.  I picked this up and started reading and didn’t put it down very often until it was finished.  The story is centered around a group of 4 women that have graduated through Delta Force that are known as the Athena Project.  I actually really enjoyed having the main characters be women in this line of work as opposed to men for once.  It paints a very realistic picture as far as what women could make happen a lot easier than men.  The settings took us over multiple places in the world such as Latin America, Italy, the Eastern Block countries and the US of course.  There are some elements of science in the book that seem rather far fetched, but with enough reality to not completely toss out the premise on sight.  I found it an easy read that I enjoyed.  I’ll certainly try another Brad Thor book in the future.  I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars.