Sunday Sips: John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale by Cold Spring Brewing

As stated yesterday its been a very busy week.  So Friday rolled around this week and Jacks and I lucked out that we had a free Papa John’s pizza waiting for us.  Now being a vegan we were sort of thinking how’s a pizza with no cheese going to go over at a chain pizza place.  Well I’m here to tell you that it was awesome.  We ordered online and got a normal crust, extra sauce, half green pepper, half mushroom pizza.  It was so delicious, and what goes better with a nice piping hot pizza than a cold beer.

A few weeks back I picked up a few new brews to try over the course of the next month, and tonight I was completely thrilled with what I found.

What we stumbled across was the John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale by Cold Spring Brewing.  Cold Spring brewing is a micro brewer out of Cold Spring Minnesota.  This was such a fantastic beer, I can’t even really get at how much I enjoyed it.
John Henry 3 Spike
To start with I wasn’t really sure what to expect at all out of this as the name didn’t really give away what type of beer it was.  The bottle just caught me.  What can I say.  So given that I didn’t know what type of beer it was I was kind of guessing as far as what type of glass to pour it in.  I went with a pint glass as its usually a good catch all for beer and I tend to prefer most ales out of pint glasses.  I poured it and the first thing that caught me was the wonderful thick dark malty color that came out.  This beer was dark folks, and I like a good dark beer.  The next thing I got was the nose which was full of malt, chocolate and coffee scents.  I also picked up a bit of a vanilla scent.  I was ready to taste this, and the first drink had me sold as a believer.  This beer is not for the person that doesn’t like a flavorful drink.  I picked up the smoothness of an aged spirit/beer, I picked up the coffee and chocolate hints, and it almost tasted like a stout, but with more of a hoppy punch.  It wasn’t a strong hops flavor, but this beer really packed the flavor in.  After drinking it I had to do some research into the ABV as it felt like it was a strong one.   Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when I found out that its 9.1% ABV.  You probably don’t want to put away a six pack of these in a sitting.  My final verdict on this beer is a 5 out of 5.  I love this beer, it was really quite fantastic.  Hope you all enjoy it as well.  It was a wonderful way to end my week.


One thought on “Sunday Sips: John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale by Cold Spring Brewing

  1. This sounds terrific. I love a good, rich dark beer, especially when it has a chocolate/coffee deliciousness to it. I’ll have to look around for this when I’m visiting my folks for Thanksgiving.

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