High Five for Friday

Happy Black Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did! I was STUFFED after dinner! But it all tasted so wonderful and delicious. Our first vegan Thanksgiving was certainly a success. And Nick and I just returned from a few days away in Chicago. SO fun! I love Chicago. Time for my top 5 this week! As usual, I’m linking up with Lauren.

1. Have you ever had a vegan red velvet from Sprinkles? You should! Especially from Chicago’s very own cupcake ATM! We had one at 11:45pm and it tasted DELICIOUS. I was so excited.
I'm so excited!

2. I got to spend 4 days in Chicago with my ultimate best bud, Nick. What a guy! 🙂 While there we thoroughly enjoyed a vegan cookie dough shake. OMG.
This guy with a vegan shake

3. While in Chicago we discovered the City Target. 2 floors of fabulousness. Seriously awesome.
Best Target EVER

4. Went for about 3 mile walk yesterday morning so we could work off some calories (to eat more, of course), pick up the paper with the ads (lame this year!) and say hello to the fam. Nick is apparently the dog whisperer.
The dog whisperer

5. It was a GREAT and super tasty Thanksgiving. Everyone, including Basil, had to get in on the action. 🙂
Vegan Thanksgiving for all!

Have a great weekend!


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