High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! This week FLEW by! I thought it was Monday on Wednesday. I guess that’s what a week and a half off will do to a person! No complaints, though. I’m linking up with Lauren, just like always.

1. Nick and I decked the halls this past weekend. It’s nice to have everything all bright and shiny for Christmas.

2. Got a thank you card from our 14 year old nephew. Oh, middle school boys. They are too cute.
Oh, Eli. You're so cute.

3. Played soccer mom for my niece and nephews this morning and got everyone to school. Bonus: took the boys to school and had time to take E to Starbuck’s for breakfast. She’s a good date. 🙂

4. Snuggle bug. He is TOO cute.
Cute boy

5. Mel bought a minivan. LOL! What an old lady. She took me for a spin yesterday. Fancy!

Enjoy your weekend! Only 25 days until Christmas!!


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