Sunday Sips: Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing Co.

Another long week in the books.  Its taken me longer to get to the Sunday sip today as we’ve had our Nieces and Nephews for the weekend.  Man its crazy having kids around, you’ve got to be on all the time.  I love the kids, I really like being around them, but I’m also glad to go back to our normal ways when they’re headed back home.  Sometimes its just nice to spoil the little ones and leave.  😉

Given the hectic nature of the weekend, I’m reviewing a beer that I had Monday night while out with some fellow actors.  We were at a little Irish Pub & Restaurant (Zepplin’s) that has a very nice beer selection.  I was really torn as to what to try.  Well at the end of the day I’d say I picked well.  I went for the Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing Company.

Dirty Bastard
As you can see the beer was served in a sniffer, which allowed the complex malts and hops to give off a really nice, almost smokey nose.  The beer had this wonderful dark color which I’m sure came from the wide variety of malts.  Sometimes when you have the darker beers they tend to not have so much in the ways of hops, but this one packed that punch.  In my old day’s I wouldn’t have cared for the hoppy finish, but I really enjoyed it.  I have been changed.  The malts started the drink off nice and smooth though with a rich almost a coffee like flavor to my palate.  As I said I really enjoyed this and would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.