High Five for Friday

What a week, y’all! It felt like Friday on Tuesday. Too bad it doesn’t work that way – well, when you want it to at least! But it’s been a great week. Full, but great. 11 days until Christmas! Wahoo! I’m linking with up with Lauren today, just like always.

1. Nick and I went to play Bingo on Saturday night. We won absolutely nothing, but it was super fun. Lil Sis won $5.75!
Swingin' Saturday night, yo!

2. I decided my hair needed that “little something extra” so I got bangs! I love them already.
I got bangs!

3. Basil’s birthday was yesterday. I can’t believe he’s 6 already! He got a new stuffed toy that looks like Nemo, so he was super happy.

4. I had a lunch date with Lil Sis and my mom on Tuesday afternoon. Of course we hit up Red Robin. Yum! I had the vegan Burnin’ Love burger with avocado. It was awesome.
Red Robin. Yum!

5. Tonight is a cookie baking night with Lil Sis and Mel! You certainly can’t go wrong with cookies and friends on a Friday night!

Have a great weekend!