Sunday Sips: Double Wide IPA by Boulevard Brewing

I’m excited to tell you guys about this week’s beer review.  The story starts with how I found this beer to try in the first place.  The other day I was scoping out some new beers for our reviews at our local specialty grocery/liquor store, Benz Beverage Depot.  I had seen the Boulevard double wide IPA while we were out with friends at the restaurant where I tried the Founders Brewing beer.  It intrigued me then so I was certainly on the look out for it at Benz.  Jackie found it first, they had single bottles, but what she found was one of the coolest gift sets.  It was a set of 4 beers from the smokestack series, as well as a glass for drinking them.  Its a great little tulip goblet that really accentuated the nose and head of the beer.  Check it out in the picture below, they sure know how to package a nice beer.
Double Wide IPA

I cracked open the beer and started pouring.  It came out this wonderful deep reddish brown/carmel color.  The head on the brew was incredible and it had a ton of staying power.  The nose was somewhat fruity which really came out in the flavor.  I got hints of malt along with the full hops flavors as well.  The beer went down really smooth for me and it didn’t seem overpowering in the ABV regardles of the 8.8%.  I really liked the beer a lot.  I’d give it a 5 out of 5 and I’m looking forward to getting more of it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Double Wide IPA by Boulevard Brewing

  1. That looks amazing! I have a beer for this coming Wednesday, after Christmas for my trip up to see my family and all, but I know I’ll have to head out to get some beer soon, and the liquor store near us is crazy, so I’ll definitely be on the look out!


    1. It really was, I’m sure you’d enjoy it if you can find it. That’s what’s been interesting about this whole beer review process. I’m intrigued by your beers but have a hard time finding them. That’s why I love craft beers, different options everywhere. Looking forward to the upcoming reviews. I’ve got a Christmas Ale coming up this weekend myself.

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