High Five for Friday

It’s Friday, right? Nick and I have been on vacation for a little over a week and everyday has felt like a Saturday or Sunday! Going back to work next Wednesday is going to be hard! Eh. Such is life. I’ll enjoy my vacation while I can! I’m linking up with Lauren today, just like always.

1. Christmas Eve was a success! Nick and I were both in a sketch at church and they both went really well! Lots of laughs, and they fit well with the true meaning of Christmas. I was a little more nervous than usual – there were 2500+ people (total) at the 3 services. That’s a lot of people! But God is good! We did it!

2. Christmas Day was a great day. Nick and I had a really great, lazy-ish day together. It was wonderful! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen making goodies, and thankfully we could freeze a lot of them. Otherwise, we’d be in big trouble! 🙂
Christmas treats

3. Basil is LOVING the fact that both Nick and I are home. We’ve been taking him for long walks everyday (can I just say brrrr?! negative windchills are NOT my friend), and he’s just enjoying the slowness of everything. He’s such a goof.
Lazy bum

4. Lil Sis‘ birthday was on Wednesday. We got to make her cake. Not only was it super tasty, it was super fun, too!
Mustache cake!

5. Last night we had Christmas with our super great friends that I’ve known for over half of my life now. We went for pizza and then to this crazy Christmas lights display in a park. It was a super fun night to spend with them. And the pizza was great! We had a Mean Green and Thai One On (both sans cheese, natch) and they totally hit the spot. Yum!
Mean Green & Thai One on pizza

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend! Any fun plans for New Year’s Eve? Nick and I can’t decide what to do…