Sunday Sips: Single Wide IPA by Boulevard Brewery

Man, its been a crazy fast holiday season.  Every year it gets here and it just flies by and I’m sad all over again as to how fast it’s gone.  One of the upsides though is that I’ve had more time off work to spend with Jackie so we’ve been able to go out a few times.  This allows me to try some more beverages which I find to be a fun endeavor.

While we were out the other day I was stuck looking at a beer list and being stumped as to which beer I should go for this time.  Then I stumbled upon the single wide IPA by Boulevard Brewery.  You may all remember the double wide IPA review by them that I did a few weeks back.  This one was along the same lines and it didn’t disappoint, but I will say that it left me wanting the double wide.
Single Wide IPA

As you can see as it came from the bar, it didn’t have the rich head that the double wide did, but it still maintained a small head regardless of the glass that got used.  The clarity of this beer wasn’t up to par with its brethren either.   But then I tried to back myself up from doing the side by side comparison so much and just enjoy the beer for what it was on its own right.  Its an incredibly hoppy beer with a lot of character.  I definitely got the grapefruit citrusy taste that I’ve come to expect from most hopped up beers.  The problem here was the hops tended to go a little to the bitter side, so I didn’t find it nearly as drinkable as some of the other beers I’ve been having.  I did enjoy the beer, and I’d order it again over a fairly large segment of beers, but chances are that I’d find one that I’d like better.  And if I was given the choice of this or the double wide, I’d take the double wide every time.

Overall I’d give the beer a 3 out of 5, just slightly better than average.