Sunday Sips: Centennial IPA by Founders Brewing Company

Hello Everyone,

Well today I’m a little saddened to be posting my Sunday Sips. Only because its a beer I tried out last night while metaphorically drinking my tears away. I’m an avid Minnesota Vikings fan and yesterday was one of their least finest moments in history. It was a terrible game, but oh well, I did get to enjoy some good brews and the company of great friends and family while watching it. I do have to tell you all that the most amusing moment of the entire game was when a table of Green Bay Packers fans had the waitress bring us over shots of water. That was quite funny.

So last night I ended up having three different beers, enjoyed in completely the wrong order. I started with a Founders Centennial IPA, then a Guiness, and finished with Stella Artois. It was the right order in terms of my enjoyment of the beers, but you’re supposed to start from light and move to dark, and well that just didn’t happen.

Founders makes the Centennial IPA year round and for good reason after having enjoyed it.

Founders IPA

It came out this wonderful caramel color which just told me that it was going to have nice smoothness from malts to go along with that hoppy flavor that I’ve learned to love out of an IPA. The nose was just slightly fruity, with maybe a bit of a earthy hint. It was really nice, even with the wrong glass choice. 🙂 (I’ve totally become a beer snob.) There was hardly any head on the beer, but I’m blaming that on the glass and the fact that it was at the bar. The beer went down smooth as I’d predicted and it delivered on so many levels of flavor. It had some malty flavors at first with a real mellow bite and then as it lingered the hops started to kick in, yet it never got overpoweringly bitter. It really was quite delicious. It packs in 7.2% ABV, so if you were going for a long drinking session this one would catch up with you, but it didn’t feel overly boozy. I’m going to give this one a 4.5 out of 5. If you have a chance to find this one where you live, I’d definitely suggest it.


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