Lazy Saturday, cooking, baking and may as well add a bit of Dog Shaming

Its been a wonderful lazy day today.  I got up this morning read for a bit, made a breakfast burrito and some blueberry muffins.  We followed that up later in the morning with a walk (Basil needs the exercise, not us, j/k).  Anyway, it was COLD.  Yesterday was such a nice change of pace for winter, it was darn near 50 degrees.  Today the wind was biting.  We got home, I cleaned up some limbs that had come down with all the wind.  We tried a wonderful kale salad from Crazy Sexy Kitchen for lunch, then we put together some hummus sliders for Monday, and we baked a cake.  The kale salad was uberly delicious.  I was commenting to Jackie that one of my favorite changes since we made the change to a plant based diet is that the flavors of vegetables actually appeal to me.  I can’t wait to have that one again, it was full of kale, peppers, parsley and avocado.  It has stuck with me all afternoon.   Now that I look at all that, I guess maybe the day hasn’t been so lazy.   Which brings us to the rest of the blog title.

Earlier in the day, Jackie’s mom stopped by and dropped off some items that were Jackie’s when she was younger.  One of those items happened to be a dress that she wore when she was a wee chubby baby.  🙂  I love pointing out that she was a chubby baby, it was seriously SO cute.  Well while I was sitting by reading and enjoying a tea, Jackie decided that Basil needed to try on a dress.  The poor dog was so embarrassed, but I had to help out to get a picture.  Its seriously too funny, even if I feel terrible for him.  Hope you all get a good giggle out of it as well.
Mommy's Darling

Seriously, does he not just look horrified. We don’t do this often, trust me. I know that he hates clothing.

In other news, we’ve got a Blendtec coming on Wednesday. I’m so excited. Green smoothies here we come. Hope you’re all having a great day. Anyone else embarrass their pets from time to time?


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