High Five for Friday

Another week has flown by! I feel like an old lady saying this, but I really can’t believe we’re halfway through January already. What in the world?! I hope you’ve had a great week. Here are my top five for the week! I’m linking up with Lauren, as usual.

1. This picture of Basil makes me LAUGH SO HARD. I don’t know what possessed me to put it on him, but I have to admit, I’m glad I did! 🙂
Mommy's Darling

2. Lil Sis came over Sunday night for the Golden Globes. She, Nick and myself all filled out our ballots beforehand predicting who we thought would win. I am proud to say that I led the pack with 12 right, but really, I’m the one who’s totally into all of that stuff anyway. There was no contest. Ha!

3. Nick and I finally saw “Argo”. Two major thumbs up! It totally had me on the edge of my seat, but I really enjoyed it! I highly recommend it.

4. I got to have lunch with my great friend B yesterday. It’s been since Christmas that I saw her! Not that we haven’t chatted on the phone or anything, but it was great to have lunch and spend the afternoon with a chick flick. We watched “The Lake House”. A favorite of mine, and one she’d never seen.

5. Basil wasn’t feeling so hot on Wednesday night and I had to call in some meds for him. He seems to be feeling a bit better today, but we’ve learned our lesson with this one. Week of “bed” rest and pain and inflammation meds. Too bad when he gets the meds in his system he begins to feel like Wonder Pup!

Sorry I didn’t take many pictures this week. It just wasn’t a very photogenic week, I guess! I did make some great cookies, so I look forward to sharing that recipe with you soon. Any big plans for the weekend? Nick and I have a refresher training at church as we are marriage mentors. Other than that, we’re looking forward to kicking back and relaxing.

Happy Friday!