Sunday Sips: Sixth Glass by Boulevard Brewing

WOW… Its been a LONG week and this upcoming week looks to be even longer.  But it hasn’t all been bad, just jam packed busy.  I’ve been having to do a bunch of planning at work and this coming week we’ve got customer’s in which makes for an even longer week.  Jackie and I spent the majority of Friday night and yesterday getting retrained on being marriage mentors.  Its been really good, it really helped us to focus on our own marriage and it’s been a blessing to work on that.  So with all that craziness it was nice to get a beer in today with my lunch.

Today we’re sampling the Sixth Glass by Boulevard Brewing.  This was another beer in the 4 pack sampler I bought around Christmas time.  Let me just start out by saying that it paired extremely well with an Avocado Ruben and Colcannon.  This was like the perfect little Irish meal.
Sixth Glass Quadruple

Please excuse the reflection. I didn’t really care to go grab the real camera and I didn’t notice it earlier. In any case it shouldn’t hinder from the wonderful looking beer. It poured out so smooth with a beautiful head. It was definitely carmel notes to the nose as well as perhaps some fruityness, and was this really rich amber color.  It was so rich and smooth going down, none of the bitterness of a hoppy beer, and yet not lacking in flavor at all.  This is not a beer to sit around and pound back however, it packs a punch at 10.5% ABV.  This was another beer that I loved.  I’m giving it a 5 out of 5.  For those of you that aren’t into the IPAs or hoppy beers, this would be a great beer for you.  Anyone into light pilsners or mass consumed beer stay away.

I hope you all have a great week.