High Five for Friday

Whoa. Crazy fast, and fun week, y’all! Can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’m looking forward to this weekend, although, I could do without the forecast of ice. Ick. Stupid, Midwestern weather! I’m linking up with Lauren today, as well.

1. Basil is feeling MUCH better than last week. I don’t know what he did, or how he recovered so quickly, but I’m not going to complain about it. He’s pretty bored with us because it’s been too darn cold to go for a walk. (-25 windchill isn’t fun for ANYBODY) He’s been doing a lot of laying around and enjoying the sun – when it does decide to show itself.
Spoiled rotten.

2. I did make Basil’s day on Sunday, though! I gave him the empty peanut butter container. He had a good time with that one!
Every. Last. Bit.

3. Had a lunch date with Lil Sis on Wednesday at Red Robin. Oh, yeah. Bottomless fries.
Red Robin

4. Lil Sis and I also did lunch on Thursday. (she had 2 days off in a row! wahoo!) We made ourselves a Parisian lunch. We listened to French Cafe music, enjoyed sparkling beverages, had crackers with cream cheese and hot pepper jelly, grapes, and a French-inspired (vegan/gluten free) Butternut Squash Bisque. It was a success. And so much fun!

5. I found Cinderella on sale at Target yesterday (finally!), so I watched that Lil Sis, B and my sweet little “niece”, E. Good times, good times.

Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. She really IS my Lil Sis! We’re just about 11 years apart. She has me saved in her cell as “Big Sis”. I think they’re fun nicknames, too!

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