Sunday Sips: Iowa Pale Ale by Millstream Brewing Company

Hey y’all.  Good to have you back for another week of Sunday Sips.  This week I’m sampling a local beer that unfortunately many of you won’t be able to find.  Its a local IPA.  Iowa Pale Ale.  🙂  I was so amused by the play on the acronym.  This comes from Millstream Brewing Company in Amana, Iowa.  I’m going to end up posting the picture, but unfortunately all I had was my piece of junk blackberry with me and the room was dark.  Needless to say the picture is awful.

Iowa Pale Ale

Luck has it that the beer was far better than the picture. The waitress brought me out this nice glass that would have been far better for a pilsner, but alas I digress. The beer poured nicely but didn’t get a lot of head. I’m not sure if it was the beer or the glass. I will say the beer seemed a tad flatter than most that I drink, but not so much that it distracted or felt flat. It just didn’t have the effervescence that dances on a persons tongue. It was a nice caramel color, it had a good nose that had the citrusy hint to go with the maltiness that was showing through in the color. Overall I’d say they shot for balance with this pale ale. It had the hops and grapefruit bitter bite, but a much more mellow version of it. And you really only got the bitterness at the end. So it did make for an enjoyable glass of beer. It’s only 5.7% ABV so you could easily drink a few of these without feeling done in. It was a good beer, but not great, all in all just middle of the road for me. I’m giving it 2.5 out of 5.

Have a great week everyone.


One thought on “Sunday Sips: Iowa Pale Ale by Millstream Brewing Company

  1. See, I really like the pale ale, and we do get a wide variety of craft beers around here, so I’ll keep my eyes open the next time I’m at the liquor warehouse.
    You’re right about the pilsner glass though. Kind of a shame. . .

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