High Five for Friday

It’s been a COLD, icy week. I’m not so happy about it either. Although, I am glad that it’s the weekend so at least I can be warm and cozy at home with Nick instead of by myself! (although, Lil Sis did come by on Wednesday afternoon for a few hours!)

I’m linking up with Lauren, just like always.

1. Church was cancelled on Sunday due to an ice storm, so Nick and I made refrigerator biscuits from Trader Joe’s. SO DARN TASTY. Yum.
Mmmm. Refrigerator biscuits.

2. We got our first VeganCuts box on Saturday. It’s a monthly box delivered right to your door filled with all kinds of fun, vegan goodies. You can also purchase all kind of vegan fun things on their website. LOVE it. I’m already waiting (im)patiently for our February box!
VeganCuts January box!

3. We got a “cuppow” in our box. I was so excited! It’s a drinking lid that fits a wide mouth mason jar. I feel like such a hipster!

4. After shoveling 7-ish inches of snow Wednesday I felt I deserved something super tasty and comforting for lunch. Heck yes, I ate this!
Heck yes I ate this.

5. I tried to get a good shot with Basil, but he wasn’t having any of it. Punk.
Basil was so not excited.

Happy weekend!