Sunday Sips: Redd’s Apple Ale

Superbowl marketing you have done me in.  Jackie and I watched the Superbowl and between that and countless radio advertisements, we decided we must try a Redd’s Apple Ale.  I was on board with trying, I like hard ciders, and I like ales, so why not give it a go right?  So this morning after church we ventured out to our favorite Hy-Vee Liquor store and found a bottle to give it a whirl.  (Awesome right, Church and beer, what more could a person ask for?)
Redd's Apple Ale

We got it home, left it chilling so it was ready to have with our laid back Sunday night dinner (Gardein Chicken Sliders and homemade fries). When I opened it, we got a massive hit of apple in the nose, like almost overly sweet apple. But then some of the ale notes started coming in, you started getting some of the malts coming through. Not much mind you, but I could tell they were there. The pour can only be defined by how much I was surprised by the effervescence. I’ve had a lot of hard ciders before, none quite as carbonated as this one. We got a nice rich amber color which I suspect came from the malts and the ale portion of the beer as a cider would generally be a lot more clear. NOTE: I really probably should have used a pilsner glass or a flute after pouring this, but I think the tulip glass did alright. Now for the taste, much like the nose at first it starts out all cider, but then it finishes with a smooth malty hit more reminiscent of an ale. I liked it, I could easily drink a bunch of these, but at the same time, it wasn’t begging me to drink more. I really don’t know how to classify it other than to say it was very middle of the road average. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars. You wouldn’t really go wrong if you like Ales, and Ciders, but at the same time, I think you’re much better off either going all cider, or all ale. It works, but it just lacks the punch that it would get if it stuck to its roots.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Redd’s Apple Ale

    1. Yep, advertising totally got us there. You know, I really wanted it to be good. Its just so mediocre… Oh I forgot to tell you that we’re going to be on the east coast later this month for a wedding, so I’m so looking for some of your beers while I’m out there.

      1. We’re headed to Charleston, SC for a wedding. Then coming back via Atlanta and Nashville. So I should probably have said more the South. 🙂

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