I have a confession… I am a cookbook fiend!

Its out in the open now.  I must admit, I cannot help it.  I LOVE cookbooks.

We used to have so many more cookbooks, but once we switched to eating a more plant based diet, I just found it hard to keep some of them.  You know, I try to veganize many things, but Paula Deen’s southern cooking and Guy Fieri’s brand of awesomeness, just doesn’t lend itself well to being veganized.  This doesn’t really contain all the ones we still have either.  In fact I have one being used as a monitor stand right now, there is probably one laying out in the kitchen and who knows where else we’ve got them stashed away.  Now I must admit that I’m somewhat of a snob when it comes to cookbooks, I really must have beautiful pictures.  I eat with my eyes well before things get into my belly so I want good glossy pictures of that wonderful must have food.  On that note Jackie and I recently purchased Chloe’s Kitchen, and we have not been disappointed by a single thing in there.  The pictures are wonderful, the recipes are easy to follow and the food simply tastes amazing.  Jackie can’t wait to get her dessert cookbook.  I can’t say that I blame her.

I also love all the pictures and recipes of all of you out in the blogosphere.  There are days where I can just waste hours looking at food.  (Catching the drift of how much I like food?)  Jackie spends her time on Pinterest.  I can’t say that I’ve really got much into that, but it has produced some great food in this household as well.

It used to be that I would just love getting cookbooks and reading all these recipes and I would have a grand idea that I’d make this food sometime.  Well that never really materialized until I made myself be more intentional about it.  Call it a new years resolution or whatever you like, but I’ve been working with Jackie to plan out our meals a month at a time.  Basically I make an afternoon of putting a menu together and leaving some free days in there to go out to eat or eat up left overs or whatever else floats our boats.  All I can say is this REALLY works.  We’ve tried 40+ new recipes in the last month and a half.  Its been pretty awesome.  We’ve had a few flops but overall, the results have been great.  Now we’re just looking forward to when we start getting our CSA again.  Winter has got us into a bit of a doldrums time, where nothing is in season here in Iowa and I can only take so much more beans/lentils/squash/potatoes.  Bring on the fresh produce spring.

One other thing I’ve realized, is there really all that much of an original recipe any more?  I know we can all make subtle variations and get a new twist on something, but it just seems like if I come up with something that I think is original, I can Google it and find something similar online.  Oh well part of the joy of eating.  I’ve found a lot of you by using that very method.

A question for you all, what’s the one cookbook you couldn’t live without?


One thought on “I have a confession… I am a cookbook fiend!

  1. That’s a huge collection of cookbooks!! I honestly can’t tell you the last time I followed a recipe in a cookbook. I’m so busy in my kitchen creating recipes that I never have the time to go through them. I have a few but it’s been a few years since using it. I did just recently win a mini treat dessert cookbook by Abbey Dodge that I’ve browsed and want to “veganize and completely change to healthy versions because, well, her recipes are beautiful, but very unhealthy and high in sugar and butter! I’m inspired though for sure 🙂

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