Sunday Sips: Hipster Ale by Evil Twin Brewing

Well its that time again.  Sunday Sips, and I’ve got another good one for you.  Before I can get to this beer though, I have to give a little back story as to why I find this SO funny.   Last spring when we went to Minneapolis, Jackie and I stumbled upon this sign.  Its just made me laugh every time I think about it.

Seen in Uptown

I mean really… hipster doofus? I like to refer to myself as a vegan hipster doofus now. So when Jackie stumbled upon this one while we were looking for new beers to try, we knew that we were going to try it no matter what type of beer it was.

Hipster Ale

It turns out the beer is an American Pale Ale made by Eviltwin Brewing. After a little research I found that the company is actually run out of Denmark, but they have breweries in New York and other places as well. So apparently this beer has traveled a good distance to be tried by this guys palate. I guess I’m not so eco-friendly and thinking about my carbon footprint now am I? 😉 Back to the beer. The beer came in a can instead of a bottle, which would make it nice for trips to the lake or beach, or just sitting outside on a nice warm day. But again, its February in the midwest so I’m enjoying the beer in the comforts of my home. The pour itself didn’t evoke any great feelings in me as there was barely any head on this. Additionally there wasn’t much lacing. The nose was nice and fruity, with a hint of nuttiness. So then I went to drink it, and I forgot about all those things, because I found this to be very enjoyable. It was smooth up front with a nice bitter bite of hops at the end. I paired it up with a nice thin crust kale, fennel, and pepper pizza, and it was GONE. I didn’t even really remember drinking it all that fast, but clearly I enjoyed it. Its only 5.5% ABV, so feel free to enjoy away as this one won’t go straight to your head. I’d give it a strong 4 out of 5. If there would have been a bit more head and lacing that made me savor it before even drinking it, I probably would have gone a little higher.

Eviltwin has allowed me to fully embrace my hipster doofus status. If you get a chance, I suggest finding one of these and giving it a go, you too can become a global hipster. 🙂