Sunday Sips: Omission Handcrafted Pale Ale

Howdy everyone. Its that time again. Time for another beverage to share my thoughts on. This one left me a little short on excitement, but intrigued at the same time. Sometimes we have drinks that just fit into that category in which you just don’t really know how to describe it completely. You know it could have been the moment or something else, as I do firmly believe that you play off the experiences, but this one just really didn’t hit the mark completely for me, however it has a nice twist.

Omission IPA

This is the Omission handcrafted Pale Ale by Omission Beers. One of the keys to Omission’s brewing is that they’ve tried to reduce the number of ingredients and based on how they brew the beer they’ve removed gluten from the beer. So being a GF beer gives it that great little twist that makes me struggle with how to rate it. The beer poured a nice caramel color, with a light head. The nose was floral, with a bit of a citrus hint. The taste was good, but it didn’t dance on my tongue. It had more of a malt flavor than the bitter hops flavor of a traditional pale ale. The hops really hit you with the bitterness up front, which I liked, but as I said it was really kind of one note. As a normal pale ale I’d give it a 2 out 5, but as a gluten free beer I’d give it a 4 out of 5. I’ve had some bad gluten free beers, so if you are looking for something to use when you’ve got friends that are gluten intolerant you would be doing well here.